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Summaries of studies conducted by ILO, World Bank, OECD and many more


Indian Female Labour Force

The "Women in STEM: Challenges and Opportunities in India" report by IWWAGE highlights educational and workplace barriers for women in STEM. It recommends inclusive policies, career break support, and mentorship programs to improve gender equality and boost women's participation in STEM.


Profits and Poverty

The International Labour Organization's report exposes the economic dimensions of forced labor, revealing a staggering $236 billion annual profit and $10,000 per-victim earnings. Policy recommendations urge legal reforms, victim support, international cooperation, and addressing root causes to combat this scourge.


Role of Women in Development

The World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2024 illuminates the complexities of gender, poverty, and social protection. It reveals flaws in poverty lines, advocates for gender-centric crisis response, and calls for inclusive labor market policies. Embracing dynamic targeting and transformative strategies is urged for a future of global equity.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence 

Wheebox, a leading provider of remote proctored assessments, collaborated with key stakeholders to analyze AI's impact on work, skilling, and mobility. Key findings reveal India's AI talent landscape, regional employability variations, and collaborative initiatives.


World Employment and Social Outlook

The report released by ILO offers a thorough analysis of current labor market dynamics, including aspects such as unemployment, job generation, and labor force participation. It highlights growing imbalances that threaten social justice amid multiple global crises.

Indian Migrant Workers with clear faces.

Indian Migrant Workers

Report examines Indian migration, driven by economic aspirations and challenges. Key findings include diverse worker characteristics, challenges faced, and supportive interventions. Recommendations stress accurate enumeration, social security for inclusive growth.


State of working India 2023

This report by Azim Premji University highlights that India's economic journey reflects progress in regular wage jobs, upward mobility, reduced caste-based segregation, and gender pay gap, yet challenges like youth unemployment persist.


The Paths to Equal - Gender Equality

The report introduces two indices, the Women's Empowerment Index (WEI) & the Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI), to measure women's empowerment and gender equality worldwide. It reveals existing disparities and recommends policies to accelerate progress and development.


Impact Assessment of Food Delivery 

This report by National Council of Applied Economic Research assesses the socioeconomic impact of food delivery platform workers, addressing policy challenges and worker conditions. It highlights income disparities, training benefits, and policy recommendations.


Decent Work by Domestic Workers

This report by ILO examines global domestic work, highlighting its prevalence, gender disparity, informality, and the need for formalization, proposing a five-step approach for decent work improvement.


Gender Social Norms Index 2023

UNDP's Report reveals persistent gender bias worldwide. Despite advocacy, nearly 90% hold biased beliefs against women. Stagnation in Gender Social Norms Index reported. Study spans 80 countries, tracking attitudes toward women in political, educational, economic dimensions.


ILO Monitor in the World of Work

The International Labor Organization's report highlights the challenges of post-pandemic labor market recovery. Low-income countries face the largest jobs gap rate, but expanding old-age pensions can boost GDP and reduce inequality. Global initiatives are needed for financial support.


The Future of EdTech in India

This report states its estimation of India having over 1.3 billion internet users by 2030. It also says that the Indian EdTech market will grow by almost 26% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. It further talks about growing EdTech Companies and their learning models.

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EdTech Trends Report 2022

According to this report published by KPMG, the Indian ed-tech market is expected to rise to USD 10,269 million in 2025. Additionally, this report analyzes the most discussed topics and conversations in the ed-tech space by Quora users.


Women, Business & Law

This report published by World Bank Group presents 8 indicators structured around women's interactions with the law throughout their lives and careers and identifies barriers to women's economic participation. The report states that women globally enjoy only 77% of men's legal rights. 


Wage Protection for Migrants

This report published by International Labor Organization unorganized sector employs around 81% of India's workforce, lacking formal employer-employee relationships and adequate social security protection. Regulatory measures aim to address wage payment issues non-payment, delayed payment, underpayment, etc.

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Covid 19 Impact on India’s Labor Market

According to this report published by World Bank Group, he lockdown restricted public mobility, temporarily closed educational institutions and brought business operations to a halt, excepting essential services. Unemployment spiked to 24.3 percent in April 2020 and labor force participation fell by 12.5 percent as a result of the lockdown.

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Women Entrepreneurship in India

This report on Women Entrepreneurs in India talks about factors affecting labour force participation and impact of women entrepreneurship on overall economic growth. According to the report, India boasts of 13.5-15.7 million enterprises owned by women.

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Leveraging India’s Strengths

This report by EY looks at how India can become a global driver of growth and its role in realizing the US$26 trillion economy. It also explores the factors that will drive India towards an 'Amrit Kaal'. It also reflects on India's strengths and how these can be leveraged to pave the way forward.


Global Skills Report 2022

Coursera presents data from the more than 100 million people who have used Coursera to learn new skills. The report concentrates on three important skill areas: business, technology, and data science and shows regional and country-specific skill trends. The report ranks 102 countries on a percentile scale taking into factors skills, proficiency and learner growth rate.


Skill India Report 2022

The report discusses how given that India has the world’s largest youth working population and rapid industrialization, the development of industry relevant skill sets can ensure that the country is positioned as a world leader in employability & reformative action. It could further ensure that the economy is directed away from recession and towards sustainable growth in the coming years.


Youth in India 2022

MOSPI talks about the youth population of the nation and its gender disparities. It specifically highlights population patterns, economic participation, mortality rate, education qualification, early marriages and health condition of youth. Other dimensions explored in the report include juvenile crime rate, violence against women and suicide rates in the country.


World Employment : Trends 2021

Covid- 19 pandemic has disrupted the work world since 2020. It has changed the way the world operates, restricted economic activities and labour demand. This report has thoroughly examined the impacts of COVID-19 in the workplace. It investigated the matter with a solution-based approach and has given out recommendations for retrieval.


Impact of Covid-19 on Unemployment

Lok Sabha Secretariat: The report highlights the problems faced by the workers of the unorganised sector who occupy a major chunk of the Indian economy. The pandemic has posed them with extra challenges that were unexpected. A "Once in a generation" kind of destruction has taken place in their lives. This report highlights the impact that the pandemic has had on millions of worker's lives. 


Women in STEM

The IWWAGE report explores challenges and opportunities for women in STEM, highlighting educational barriers, workplace bias, and low representation in higher roles. It recommends inclusive policies, career break support, and mentorship programs to improve gender equality and boost women's participation in STEM.


India Employment Report 2024

The "India Employment Report 2024" extensively analyzes India's labour dynamics, focusing on youth employment, education, and skills. Key findings reveal shifts in the labour market, implications of economic growth, and policy recommendations to bridge skill gaps and enhance youth employment opportunities for sustainable and inclusive development.


Women in the Informal Economy

This report analyzes COVID-19's impact on women informal workers in Kenya, Uganda, and India, highlighting income loss, care burdens, and digital exclusion. It advocates for social protection, skills development, technology access, women's empowerment, and tackling gender-based violence to enhance recovery and resilience.

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Renewable Energy and Jobs

ILO and IRENA's "Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review" highlights the sector's growth, reaching 13.7 million jobs in 2022. Solar leads, with Asia dominating. Urgent investment in skills and localisation crucial for sustainable growth.


Transformative Change and SDG 8

The report identifies challenges like high informal employment, low female labor force participation, child labor, and inadequate social protection in South Asia. It emphasizes the role of collective capabilities and societal learning. 


The Case for Care

The report emphasizes the importance of a common language for investing in care, market segmentation and alignment, connection between investors and businesses & business development support It highlights the need to identify the to investing in care.

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Household Giving Trends in India

This report shows a 14% increase in household donations, totaling INR 27,000 crores, with preferences for religious and beggary recipients. Rural-urban giving trends remained constant, while North and East India showed higher giving rates.


Skilling and Employability Solutions

The report addresses India's employability challenges, focusing on the 560 million unemployed or grey-collar workers. It outlines six recommendations for customized skilling solutions and highlights the importance of government and non-profit support. 


Global Gender Gap Report

The Global Gender Gap Index assesses gender equality in 146 countries in its 2023 report. Iceland leads, Afghanistan ranks lowest, and India is 127th. Progress is gradual, with persistent disparities in various areas.


Strengthening the Skilling Ecosystem

In this report published by LEAD at KREA University,  Indian  skill gap is addressed through evolving private sector roles, women's challenges, diverse initiatives; private sector's vital role in workforce, market connectivity for employability highlighted.


Cost-Effective Approaches for Learning

This report examines strategies for global learning enhancement with cost-effectiveness. It emphasizes technology, context-aligned content, data-driven decisions, flexible paths & community engagement. It also provides policy insights for collaboration, monitoring, & partnerships.


Global Skills Report 2023

This report highlights popular skill jobs among its 124 million registered learners from 100 countries. It focuses on demand roles, popular skill jobs by  country and region, and more. It employs a Skill graph methodology, incorporating Skills, content, Careers, and Learners on the Coursera platform.


Best Practices in Social Sector

This report published by ITI Ayog talks about different practices in social sector by Government if India to support Skill Development & Women Empowerment. Aabha Sakhis, Prayantna, Navpravartan, Navchetna Bakery, Biz Sakhi, Gaura SHG are some of the best practices.


Leaving No One Behind-Labor

The report highlights  Declaration on Fundamental Principles & Rights at Work & the ILO Declaration on Social Justice  amended in 2022. It states that the proportion of people with disabilities employed in informal sector in developing countries is higher than high income countries.


Women at Work  2023

This report by Deloitte talks about exanimating experience of  5000 working women across 10 countries. It states that 4 out of 10 women prioritize their partner's career over their career. It also states that nearly 44% of them have experienced harassment at their workplace.

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Employment Situation in New Delhi

This report by government of India talks about job enrolments in the organized sector, rise in number of new companies registered, growth of start-ups, rise of employment opportunities in new sectors such as AI. It also talks about various existing government schemes that have been introduced post Covid-19 to help recover unemployment.

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Opportunities & Constraints of Women

This International Finance Corporation's report  talks about the women’s work against the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the post-COVID economy. It also talks about some social biases and conditioning faced by them.


Economic Survey 2022-23

The economic survey report is a comprehensive document on several aspects of the Indian economy. It looks at the state of the economy post-COVID, its recovery, spending patterns, etc. India’s social infrastructure, agriculture, and climate change are also dissected in the report.


India Skilling Report 2023

Wheebox evaluated 3.75 lakh candidates who took the Wheebox National Employability Test (WNET) across India along with data about 150 corporations from 15+ different industries in the Early Career Edition of the India Hiring Intent Survey. The report projects the status of India’s skills and talent economy in 2030, including both public and private sectors.


India Philanthropy Report 2022

Bain & Company states that there has been an increase in total social sector expenditure from 10 lakh Cr. to 17.5 lakh Cr. This is 7% of total GDP yet it still lags behind the NITI Aayog’s estimated 13% of GDP, which was originally required to meet India’s UN SDG commitments. Detailed analysis included in the given report covers post-pandemic activities and future estimates.

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Global Employment Trends 2022

ILO studies the impact of post Covid-19 economic recovery on youth employment. It also talks about the youth youth employment crisis and the new challenges surrounding the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Special emphasis on SDG target 8.6 which aims to substantially reduce the proportion of young people not in employment, education or training.


Poverty & Shared Prosperity 2022

World Bank Group highlights the financial crisis & poverty around the world post Covid-19 pandemic. The non-monetary dimensions of the pandemic and its impacts may ultimately prove to be more costly than the monetary dimensions. Taxes & spending inequality in lower to high income economies throughout the world has been reviewed. 


Welfare Measures for Migrant Workers

Lok Sabha Secretariat: In India, migrant labourers are predominantly engaged in high-risk and low paying jobs, with a lack of social security, proper accommodation, and other issues (mentioned in the report). This report highlights how pandemic has forced both the Government and the civil society members to focus on the large-scale reverse migration of these migrant labourers.

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Income and Wealth Inequality in India

This report meticulously examines India's income and wealth inequality from 1922 to 2023, unveiling escalating disparities and regressive tax implications. It underscores the imperative for targeted policy interventions to promote equitable economic development and ensure fair distribution of wealth and opportunities across society.


Women’s Empowerment Strategy

UN Women's report on 'Women’s Economic Empowerment Strategy' highlights global challenges, adopting transformative measures, promoting gender equality, and advocating for inclusive prosperity through collaborative partnerships. Recommendations focus on legal enhancements, care deficits, and gender-responsive policies for sustainable change.

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Inequality Inc. 

In "Inequality Inc.," the report delves into the pervasive influence of corporate power on global inequality and the urgent need for public action to address this issue. The report serves as a wake-up call to the global community, urging concerted action to address the root causes of inequality and reshape our economic and social systems to better serve the needs of all people.


Dignified Jobs Collaborative Report

The report by Upaya Social Ventures assesses the impact of dignified employment through phone interviews with jobholders from seven Indian companies. It reveals positive effects on work methods, confidence, income, and quality of life, with areas for improvement.


Job Skills of 2024

Coursera's 2024 Job Skills report highlights rising demand for AI, leadership, and cybersecurity skills. Emphasis on essential skills for competitiveness and productivity, urging investment in realistic, job-preparing training.


Indian Skilling Ecosystem

According to this report, PMKVY struggled to reach its 2023 target. Low female labor force participation persists, despite women desiring skills for employment. This summary explores these challenges, gaps, and the transition from skilling to employment.


Transforming ITIs 

The NITI Aayog report addresses the need to revamp India's Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) to produce industry-ready professionals. It provides insights, recommendations, and a seven-pronged approach for transforming ITIs and improving the quality of vocational education.


State of India's Digital Economy

The "State of India's Digital Economy" Report published by Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) covers India's digital progress, including telecom growth, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and calls for improvements.


Generative AI and Jobs

This report by ILO report delves into AI's job impact, emphasizing automation, augmentation, gender nuances, global employment trends, and the digital divide, urging proactive policy-making.


Decent Work Country Programme 

The ILO's report outlines India's strategic framework (2023-2027) for decent work and inclusive growth, involving green economy, gender equality, skills development, formalization, and data-driven policies.


Growth  of India’s Edtech Industry

According to this report published by IBEF, COVID-19 boosted Ed-Tech with hybrid learning. Startups innovated to  bridge gaps. India's potential $10B industry by 2025, driven by internet, skills demand. Challenges, government support, diverse models are highlighted in the report.


Mind The Gap

This report examines the gender gap in South Asia, with a focus on women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math fields in India. It highlights disparities in education, employment, and policy-making, emphasizing the need for inclusive policies and increased resources


The Future of Jobs, 2023 Report

This report published by World Economic Forum suggests that governments can address this issue by investing in education and training programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, and creating policies that encourage the mobility of workers across borders


India Philanthropy Report 2023

The reporty highlights the catalytic role played by private philanthropy within India in bridging various efforts by government, businesses, etc. It states that India’s social sector spending of GDP grew from 8.6% in FY 2021 to 9.6% in FY 2022 due to 35% growth in public spending.


Ministry of Labor & Employment 

This Annual Report 2023  covers issues like labor welfare, occupational safety, women and work, gender budgeting, international cooperation, etc. According to the report, unorganized sector employs around 81% of India's workforce, lacking formal employer-employee relationships.


Employment & Social Outlook Trends 

This report published by ILO highlights the ramifications of the economic and geopolitical crises on the labor market, including its scope and impact on various groups of workers. According to the report, In 2022, the global jobs gap was 473 million people with a rate of 12.3%, mostly affecting women and developing countries.


Women and Work

The report by IWWAGE highlights women’s work against the challenges and opportunities post Covid. It states that the The unemployment rate among rural females increased by 1.6% while that among rural males decreased by 1.2%. It also talks about state specific findings on female work participation.


Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

This report by ILO explores modern slavery, forced labor, forced marriages, and global trends. It also offers policy suggestions and recommendations to address these issues. Strengthening fair and ethical practices, extending social protection schemes, etc., being a few of them.


EdTech Landscape in India 2023

Blume Ventures examines the Indian ed-tech landscape which has seen significant growth and change post-pandemic, with an increase in edtech unicorns and large companies becoming even larger through acquisitions. However, the industry is now facing challenges such as intense competition and difficulty in gaining funding and trust from customers. 


Global Wage Report 2022-23

ILO highlights in-depth empirical analysis of how concurrent crisis- COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation followed by Russia-Ukraine War has impacted wages, employment, gender pay gap and purchasing power across countries and regions. In Asia and the Pacific region when China is excluded wage growth in the region fell to 1% and even turned negative.


India Inequality Report 2022

Oxfam focuses on the inequality emerging out of the digital divide, which post-pandemic has become more prominent than ever before. While the pandemic accentuated our use of digital space and tools, those with no access to gadgets or technical know-how fell back, making the digitalization process unequal and unfavorable for many in the country.

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Impact of Covid-19 on the G20

ILO & OECD have jointly analyzed the Impact of the COVID-19 on employment in G20 countries.  They identified that employment in the informal sectors was 3-6 times worse than the formal. It also highlights the need for extension of financial support in the G20 economies. According to this report, G20 countries require increased spending on public service for programs and skills. 


World Development Report 2021

World Bank describes data as a double-edged sword. Due to the recent technological innovations, there has been a massive increase in the availability of real-time and granular data. Data can lead to better lives through multiple channels, but it needs to be used ethically. The report discusses the governance needed to aid use of data for social development.

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