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Vocational Training

Our flagship program is short-term vocational training courses which offer youth a chance to enter the workforce. The program has a placement rate of 85%. Key components of the model are:

  • Mobilisation - Through digital self-learning courses promoted by a community mentor, youth are given exposure about various industries. They then make an informed decision about the course they are most interested in pursuing.

  • Training – The core training is conducted via a hybrid approach  using both virtual remote training and in-person practical training. The courses are aligned to the needs of industry partners.

  • Placement – Youth who complete the training are offered placements by Pratham's network of partners. They are then tracked for 12 months through remote tele-calling to measure their progress.


Upward Mobility for Informal Workers

For semi-skilled and unskilled workers who are already part of the workforce Pratham has launched the Upward Mobility program.  Key components of the model are: 

  • Upskilling - Technical and non-technical training provided to the workforce virtually and in-person. 

  • Certification - Those who complete the training are given Pratham-NSDC certificates.  

  • Placement - Workforce with certification are then provided placements and linked to different social entitlements

Entrepreneurship Development

For micro-entrepreneurs who wish to scale their enterprises, Pratham provides support for business formalisation and development to set up or scale micro-enterprises.  Key components of the model are:

  • Selection - Post providing awareness, entrepreneurs are selected according to the Pratham criteria 

  • Upskilling - Once entrepreneurs are onboarded, technical and non-technical training provided according to business need 

  • Mentorship - The entrepreneurs are mentored for 12 months and supported with branding and market linkages.

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