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Education 4.0 India | World Economic Forum

WEF Report Cover.png

A joint study conducted by World Economic Forum, Yuwaah and UNICEF featured Pratham's Hybrid Skilling program as a case study for blended skill development under the theme of School-to-Work Transition. The report functions as a guide for navigating new opportunities within Education 4.0

Understanding the Return on Skills Training Models in India | Sattva

Sattva Report Cover.png

Sattva conducted a study commissioned by JP Morgan and NASSCOM Foundation to develop a formula to measure the ROI of skill development programs. Pratham's skill development program was one of the 27 organisations that were evaluated in this report. The outcome of the project is a unique formula which can help determine the ROI of any skill development initiative.

Impact Assessment | Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak-Samhita Cover.png

Kotak Mahindra Bank commissioned a third party evaluation of Pratham's skill development program which was conducted by Samhita. The report highlights the impact of Beauty, Healthcare and Hospitality training programs during FY 2020-21 when the pandemic had affected training operations. 

A Large-Scale Study of Migrant Construction Workers | GFEMS

GFEMS Report Cover.png

This study was conducted in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi/NCR, from January 2019 to March 2021 by Two Six Technologies in collaboration with scholars at the University of California, Los Angeles. (UCLA). This study was funded by a grant from the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery. This team was supported by data collection and grantee programming performed by Sattva Consulting, Jan Sahas, RuralShores, Sambhav Foundation, and Pratham.

Understanding Education, Employment, & Skill Training | ASER


This study is an in-depth exploration of the links between education, work, and aspirations of India’s youth in the age group 16-25 that builds on ASER Centre’s previous research on adolescents and youth. Conducted in one district each of three states in the country (Dhamtari in Chhattisgarh, Ahmednagar in Maharashtra and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh), the study focused on the role of vocational education, in shaping youth’s work transitions and trajectories, including a comparison of youth from Pratham Skilling centers and ITIs.

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